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HYPER-14 Night vision system
Hyper-14 N VD - ideal for weapon mount

Hyper-14 NVD

The HYPER-14 features an aluminum chassis and dual mounting points for an extremely rugged NVD.


The DEP HYPER-14 night vision system is a modular, ruggedized PVS-14 variant engineered to withstand the physical stresses of the battlefield, while adding the capability to use the NVD as a hardened weapon-mounted sight on heavy caliber weapon platforms.

THE HYPER-14 Advantage

The DEP HYPER-14 night vision device is formed from high grade 7000 series aluminum, resulting in impact resistance that far exceeds the standard PVS-14 NVD. The aluminum chassis allows the HYPER-14 to easily withstand accidental drop without cracking or shattering, making it the most rugged NVD on the market.

Improved environmental specifications give the HYPER-14 night vision device a much higher tolerance to submersion, heavy rain and extreme sand/dust. Optical threads have been strengthened to allow for longer range lenses and a more waterproof seal.

Your choice of image intensifier tubes can be included with your purchase. Commercial grade, MIL-GRADE or MIL-SPEC tubes.
Export restrictions may apply.


Optics 1X, 40 degrees FOV

Objective lens: 27 mm f 1.2

Minimum focus distance: 25 cm

Power 1 AA Battery

Battery Life 40 hrs @ room temp

Size 11.4 cm L x 5.1cm W x 5.7 cm H

Weight 320g with battery

Warranty 1 year
Key benefit Significant ruggedization over standard issue PVS-14
Specific mass 76G/7000 series aluminum
Surface finish Hard anodize/Ceracoat
Legacy support Batteries, image intensifier tubes, weapon mounts and J-arms
Standards Compliant MIL-PRF-49324(CR), MIL-PRF-49427(CR) and MIL-STD-810G

 this product is under Export Control

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