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Universal bridge

The Universal Bridge provides a patented system of simple shoe mounting connections to your night vision bridge module, providing improved vision adjustments with reduced carry weight.


The Universal Bridge provides superior inter-pupillary adjustments as well as a number of other customizable settings to helmet standoff, inter-pupillary distance, helmet mount drop and helmet wobble.


The Universal Bridge is designed to support multi-mission applications, allowing for quick-disconnect of mounted components and providing mix-and-match capabilities for PVS-14, MUM, DVO, MINI-NSEAS without carrying a diverse set of mounts.


ELIMINATES Multiple bridging variants
Key component exchanges
Clumsy disconnects
Specific Mass 99G Aluminum/Titanium/Resin
Surface Finish Type III/Ceracoat (optional)
Adjustments Inter-pupillary distance
Helmet standoff
Helmet interface wobble
Helmet mount drop
Key Benefits Allows for mixed type modules to be used in tandem
Reduces weight 50% over competitive devices
Standard, interchangeable shoe mounts
Mechanical safety release

 this product is under Export Control

 Universal Bridge provided by RQE.

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