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Rugged chassis replacement
PVS-14 Upgrade Rugged Chassis

Vyper 14-C

The VYPER 14-C chassis replaces the monocular core chassis of a standard-issue PVS-14 night vision device with a rugged, resin-reinforced chassis that reduces common field failures due to shock, drop, recoil, water, sand or dust.


The DEP VYPER 14-C chassis replacement is an ideal upgrade toward ruggedizing the standard-issue PVS-14 night vision device. The VYPER 14-C chassis module is precisely machined and equipped with a custom gasket designed to seal out sand, dust, water or humidity that can damage the electronics of the NVD.

The VYPER 14-C chassis is an ideal step toward modular night vision systems, while retaining compatibility with legacy components such as batteries, image intensifier tubes, weapon mounts and J-arms.


The DEP VYPER 14-C chassis replacement replaces the monocular core chassis of a PVS-14 night vision device. The chassis is comprised of 44G resin with thicker walls, reinforced lens and eyepiece threads, and superior image tube position retention.

VYPER 14-C chassis replacement is ideally suited for head-mounted and monocular night vision applications. It features a single mounting point, reinforced heli-coils and a tube agnostic design, all in a light weight and rugged design.


System protection Custom gasket rather than generic O-ring
Key benefit Decreased surface compromise risk
Mounting Single sided interface point
Repairable Remove / replace optics without disassembling
Chassis strength 44G resin
Interface Legacy compatible internally and externally
Surface finish Hard anodize / Ceracoat
Standards compliant MIL-PRF-49324(CR), MIL-PRF-49427(CR) and MIL-STD-810G

 this product is under Export Control


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