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About DEP Technologies

DEP Technologies is a leader in evolving night vision technology. We understand what challenges soldiers face when using their night vision devices. We offer an upgrade path to more rugged devices using modular components specifically designed to minimize the likelihood of field failures that can render warfighters sightless at night.

Our patented components have been smartly engineered to withstand extended exposure to sand or water, and are designed to survive recoil shock or accidental drop damage. Modular components enable soldiers to ruggedize their existing NVD on any budget and at any time, while maintaining compatibility with legacy components including image intensifier tubes, battery packs, J-arms and weapon mounts.

DEP Technologies is the exclusive reseller in the United States of INTENS™ 4G image intensifier tubes.  Image tubes and other devices shown on this web site may be subject to export control. DEP Technologies strictly adheres to export control regulations and reserves the right to refuse any sale which would violate export laws.